Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poor Dogs, Stupid Owner

So I had an interesting run today for two reasons:

  1. I haven't run in forever so it hurt and I was slow
  2. Dogs

First, the pain part. I haven't run in a long time, since my 5k in December, maybe. So I decided I would go out for a 2 mile/20 min run today just to get a start and see if I can slowly increase the mileage/time each week. I felt pretty good until I hit one mile, which happened to coincide with a nice large hill. My iPhone told me in a soothing voice that I had hit one mile and then my pace slowed dramatically as I ran up one of the bigger hills around campus. I could feel my lower back tighten up considerably and my calfs start to cramp and feel like shin splints. I was able to continue to run for my 20 minutes I set out to do.

These are Argentinian Mastiffs. The two I found were fairly friendly, but I don't trust any dog with no owner around and no collar or identification of any kind.

I was running slightly slower than 10 minute miles (speed demon, I know) until I hit 20 minutes. Then I found some dogs. Right as I was coming down the last stretch of road back to my dorm 2 dogs came out and started jumping all around me wanting to play. They were middle sized dogs, looked very similar to Argentinian Mastiffs, and were not on leashes, had no collars, and there was no owner anywhere in sight. I stopped my run a quarter mile early because I really didn't want to trip over the dogs. They kept following me and I kept looking around for the owner, but no one was in sight. The dogs seemed friendly enough but, with no collars and no owner around I wasn't going to tempt fate and keep running through them or really pet them at all.

I hope their owner finds them and I hope he had lost sight of them for long enough that he learns to at least put a collar on them with an address or phone number. I have no idea where they came from so I couldn't really help get them back to their house. Poor doggies, stupid owner.

Daniel etc.


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