Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Depressing Post

So the Nats lost, that's depressing. The umpire kind of stole it from us, that's depressing. I weigh more than I thought, that's depressing. I have a higher body fat percentage, that's depressing.

What is wrong with this picture?

The answer is probably obvious  focusing too much on depressing things. The more you focus on depressing things the more depressing things you will think of. It is a never ending cycle of despair.

How do you fix it? 

Find positive things to focus on. If that is hard then try to look and see how far you have come. For example, this is the first time the Nationals have ever made it to the post season. The teenage phenom that is Bryce Harper set some records and played outstanding  They took a series out to a final, game five against the defending World Series Champions. They had the most wins in the entirety of major league baseball. That is incredible. But many people focus on the one loss at the end of the season. It definitely depresses me a little that we lost when we were so close and if only the umpire had called one of those pitches a strike. But, you can't focus on the one point in history. You need to see the whole picture.

If you take the case of my body weight and body fat percentage. It is definitely depressing that I weigh more when the goal is to weigh a little less. But if you look at the amount of lean body mass that I have now, the "good" weight, I have 165 pounds of lean body mass. That is muscle, bone, and anything else that is not fat in the body. That means in the course of a couple years I have added a ton of muscle to my body.  I used to weigh 165 pounds so think of how much more muscle I have now, how much stronger I am then I was before. Just thinking about the big weight I can put up now compared to years ago makes me smile. I remember when a back squat of 135 pounds was pretty hard for me. Now my max is 315 and I could probably do more the next time I try. Look at the whole picture.

I have goals and at first glance I am headed in the opposite direction of my body weight and body fat goals. But considering how much strength and muscle I have gained it really is not too bad. It is only a couple pounds and a couple percentage points in the wrong direction and as long as I keep track of it I can turn that around at any time.

So today is not really a bad, depressing day. It is another day to keep going and playing the game of life as hard as you possibly can.

No workout today and had some awesome, authentic Italian food with the family. (hint, it probably didn't follow the zone diet.)

Daniel etc.

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