Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poor Dogs, Stupid Owner

So I had an interesting run today for two reasons:

  1. I haven't run in forever so it hurt and I was slow
  2. Dogs

First, the pain part. I haven't run in a long time, since my 5k in December, maybe. So I decided I would go out for a 2 mile/20 min run today just to get a start and see if I can slowly increase the mileage/time each week. I felt pretty good until I hit one mile, which happened to coincide with a nice large hill. My iPhone told me in a soothing voice that I had hit one mile and then my pace slowed dramatically as I ran up one of the bigger hills around campus. I could feel my lower back tighten up considerably and my calfs start to cramp and feel like shin splints. I was able to continue to run for my 20 minutes I set out to do.

These are Argentinian Mastiffs. The two I found were fairly friendly, but I don't trust any dog with no owner around and no collar or identification of any kind.

I was running slightly slower than 10 minute miles (speed demon, I know) until I hit 20 minutes. Then I found some dogs. Right as I was coming down the last stretch of road back to my dorm 2 dogs came out and started jumping all around me wanting to play. They were middle sized dogs, looked very similar to Argentinian Mastiffs, and were not on leashes, had no collars, and there was no owner anywhere in sight. I stopped my run a quarter mile early because I really didn't want to trip over the dogs. They kept following me and I kept looking around for the owner, but no one was in sight. The dogs seemed friendly enough but, with no collars and no owner around I wasn't going to tempt fate and keep running through them or really pet them at all.

I hope their owner finds them and I hope he had lost sight of them for long enough that he learns to at least put a collar on them with an address or phone number. I have no idea where they came from so I couldn't really help get them back to their house. Poor doggies, stupid owner.

Daniel etc.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Good Workout?

Yesterday was one of my more successful days of working out in a while. Everything felt pretty good, I was able to push myself to the edge of my capacity and I started working on my pull ups again.

Last week doing back squats my right knee collapsed in and I felt a sharp pain right below the knee cap. That was only two reps in so, obviously, I finished out the set but then stopped after that. Yesterday I went up 5 more pounds to 255 and I was able to do 3 sets of 5 with no pain and good form. I call that a success.

We started doing some practice with body weight movements recently. The idea being that lots of sets at minimal reps with perfect form will be beneficial. Yesterday I did strict pull ups. We are doing the sets on the minute for 9 minutes. The max you should do each set is 5 and if you get 5 each set then you can move to a harder movement. I did 5 pull ups the first set then 4 for the next two. The rest were 3 reps each. It got surprisingly hard as time wore on and I had a tiny kip on the last rep of the last few sets. But doing this at least once a week will greatly increase my pull up capacity.

The last thing we did yesterday was a prowler push plus some box jump overs and hollow rocks. I was able to work the entire time and only rested to wait for my turn on the prowler. I felt great and I need more workouts like that with constant movement to increase my stamina.

I have started off my mobility training on a good note. I did some sun salutations when I woke up and then warmed up well before the workout. I did post workout stretching which is the first time I have done that in a long time. I feel much better afterwards, less sore, so I definitely need to keep this up. Didn’t really do anything for mobility this morning because I didn’t leave myself any time but hopefully I can continue it later.

Daniel etc.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Endings and Beginnings in a New Year

I only have a semester left of undergrad. One semester. 13 weeks of class. 2 final exams. A research project defense. And then off to the new world of physical therapy school. It is hard to believe how much time I have spent in college and it has gone by so quickly.

I have been much more consistent with my workouts recently, however, I feel like I am not making progress and I feel much worse and slightly hurt more often. I think the main thing that I need to do is mobility work and eat a little better. There are so many mobility things that I could do every day yet I pretty much never do anything except to warm up for a workout.

I have split mobility into a few categories:
Foam Rolling/Lacrosse Ball
Static Stretching/Yoga Poses
Stretch Band Stretching
Dynamic Stretching

When warming up before a workout I can do everything, but mostly foam rolling and dynamic stuff. But I need to choose a few things to do in the morning, night, and immediately post-workout. In the mornings I should foam roll and do a few yoga poses and static stretches. At night I should do some more yoga poses and static stretching. Post workout I need to do band stuff and static stretching. I can leave most of the dynamic type of stuff for warming up to workout.

I think I am going to make it my goal to do at least one mobility movement at each of those times from each category because something needs to happen. I have horrible shoulder mobility and who knows if my shin splints come back when I start running again. I don’t like feeling that I can’t make any progress in my fitness, especially when I know one of the main things holding me back.

I guess you can count this as a new year’s resolution to be better at mobility. But, like any good goal it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable and other stuff that I learned in a class once. And I think the way I have set it up matches that.

Here goes nothing...

Daniel etc.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Horrible Mobility

So, I am studying to become a physical therapist and consider myself decently knowledgeable about stretching, foam rolling, mobility techniques, etc. Yet, I am very bad about taking care of my own mobility needs. I think this may have something to do with my shin splints as well. I have begun to work out more, but I am not doing anything extra, and actually less than before, in terms of mobility.

Today I am starting on the path to change that. I spent 30 minutes this afternoon working on a few aspects of mobility and hopefully I can dedicate at least 20 minutes everyday to mobility. I know I have the time, it just matters about whether I use the time wisely or not.

After today I found out that I can basically hold the bottom of a squat for 3 minutes before my ankles get a little bit sore and I have to get out of the position. Hopefully I can see some good changes soon and that my shin splints will get a bit better as well.

Daniel etc.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shin Splints

My shin splints are back :(

I'm not sure why, but I suspect it has something to do with indoor soccer. But we are almost done with that so I'll try to not run as much while playing. But it is completely my personality to play through pain.

Knowing yourself is important and I know that I always want to compete. But, I also know that I hate practicing and training when I have any type of injury. I once spent half a lacrosse season doing my own thing at practice because I kept twisting my ankle, but I would still play the games. I definitely need to get to the mindset that I can still train even if something is bothering me. I can do plenty of things that won't irritate my shin splints until the quiet down again.

Daniel etc.